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Flying Diamond Livestock In Lodi

Lodi Grass-Fed Beef

Lodi Grass-Fed Beef

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Experience pasture-raised perfection with our 100% grass-fed and finished beef, lovingly raised their entire life on the pastures surrounding Lodi.

Homestead Box: This box includes over 18 pounds of tender Stew Meat ideal for hearty stews and soups, versatile Ground Beef Asada cuts for all your favorite recipes, nutrient-rich Suet for added flavor and moisture, savory Bones perfect for homemade broths, and Marrow to elevate your dishes to gourmet status while consuming nutrients lacking in other parts of your diet.

Family Box: For the ultimate family feast, look no further than our Family Box. Designed to cater to the needs of your entire household, this box offers 4 pounds each of our finest cuts: mouthwatering Steaks for special occasions, tender Roasts for cozy family dinners, and premium Ground Beef for everyday meals. From sizzling grill nights to comforting roasts, this box has everything you need to create unforgettable culinary moments with your loved ones.

Box for 2: Indulge in a meat lover’s dream with our Box for 2. Packed with a generous assortment of 6.5+ pounds of premium cuts, this box is perfect for sharing or stocking up your freezer. Delight in succulent Steaks bursting with flavor, versatile Asada cuts ready for grilling perfection, and savory Ground Beef ideal for creating gourmet burgers and savory sauces. Elevate your dining experience with the finest quality beef, sourced locally and raised with care.


Picked To Porch Farms makes eating healthier easier by delivering delight and taking out the guess work of where your food comes from. 

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