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Spenker Family Farm in Lodi

Goat Cheese + Milk

Goat Cheese + Milk

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Experience Spenker Family Farm, the last Creamery in Lodi! 

Each of Spenker's goats has a name and is very friendly. There are several different breeds on the farm, each selected for its great milk characteristics. Because great milk is the first ingredient in fabulous cheese! Spenker makes a variety of fresh and aged cheeses which have won gold and bronze medals from the California State Fair for 2022 and 2023. 

Picked To Porch Farms makes eating healthier easier by delivering delight and taking out the guess work of where your food comes from. 

We deliver every Tuesday evening in a thermal lined bag.

Cheese List

Simply Chèvre | A fresh, soft, spreadable goat cheese. Mild, sweet and Creamy.

Herbs de Provence Chèvre | A fresh, soft, spreadable goat cheese. Mild and Creamy. 

Garlic Dill Chèvre | A fresh, soft, spreadable goat cheese. Mild and Creamy. Flavored with savory roasted garlic and dried dill.

Jalapeno Queso FrescoFresh pressed cheese with diced jalapeño pepper

Delta Breeze | A pressed, Italian-style goat cheese that is semi-soft. This cheese has mild nutty undertones.

Goat with a Pearl | A hickory smoked gouda-style cheese. This cheese is semi-hard, smooth, and savory.

Mt. Diablo Sunset | A tomme-style cheese that is rubbed with a combo of cocoa and chili powder as it ages. Firm in texture with a buttery flavor and earthy aroma.

 Purple Marble | This is a wine infused cheese. The curds are soaked in our Petite Sirah wine to give this cheese its pretty “veining.”

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